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Territory Mapping and Planning Demos

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Featured Demos
Test Multiple Business Scenarios
Did you know that you can use one business scenario as a blueprint to test another scenario?  Save a retail scenario in a project in which all your settings, such as site locations, trade areas, and market indicators are saved.  Then make a clone and change the scenario slightly in the clone to see how a different scenario might play out.  Create multiple scenarios so that you can make the best business decisions.
Other Demos
Show Hidden Potential
Are you marketing to the areas with the most potential? Instantly change the geography used to study market coverage for your retail locations and see whether you could be marketing ore precisely.  For example, if your retail trade areas are defined by data for potential by ZIP Code, you can instantly change the geography to Block Groups to see potential broken down to a finer level, and concentrate on small areas with high potential.  Target just the areas where your market is concentrated.  Increase ROI by targeting the market most likely to respond.
Manage All Store Types In One Project
Did you know that you can keep all your stores in one project, and fine tune scenarios for each store separately?  For example, you might have two different franchises; the first set of franchise locations must have trade areas of 1, 3 and 5 miles.  The second set of franchise locations must have trade areas of 5, 7 and 10 minutes travel time.  Keep both franchises in the same project, and make trade area settings for each group of franchise without affecting the other.  Maximize ROI by customizing store settings in a single project source.
Test Your Market Knowledge
Put your market knowledge to the test.  Freeze your current business scenario and use it as a blueprint for experimentation. Instantly change your markets, trade areas, market indicators, and map settings to find new business opportunity.  Save the new business scenario so that you can compare and choose the best plan of action.  Increase ROI by expanding your market knowledge.
Test Alternate Retail Scenarios
Did you know you can use a virtual marketing environment for interactive “business gaming” or scenario testing?  Use your existing scenario as a blueprint and clone it.  Use the clone to explore market coverage alternatives, test site performance, evaluate a merger, or manage different types of stores.  Know your market and increase ROI.
Complete Your Territory Alignment
Did you know you can let Tactician tie up the loose ends in your territory alignment?  Once you’ve assigned all the most valuable components, such as ZIP Codes or Hospital Points, to a territory, there are always a few low-demand components that need to be assigned.  Automatically assign those extra territory components to their nearest territory.  Achieve your alignment goals quickly, so that you can focus on winning.
Track Territory History
Keep track of how your territory assignments change over time. For example, a doctor’s office has been served by a new representative for the past year.  Trace the performance of the office over time, and by representative ownership.  Increase ROI by finding the best representative for each territory component.
Make Informed Decisions
Did you know that you can choose a description to display for each territory component?  Fro example, if you are assigning stores to sales representatives, you might display the store name as the description so that you can easily identify stores by something other than the store number.  See the information you need to make the right territory assignments. Increase ROI by making all the right alignment choices.
Align Territories Effectively
If the results of your last territory assignment do not meet your expectations, undo the assignment and the alignment will return to its original state.  Spend time making decisions, not fixing mistakes.  See the correct path for your business.
Find The Best Territory For Each Rep
Did you know that you can fully assess areas to be assigned to a territory, and based on the information that you gain during the assessment, choose the territory to which you will assign the areas?  For example, you might assess two ZIP Codes that contain hospitals.  Based on proximity to the hospitals, potential, and number of beds, you can decide what representative can best serve these hospitals and assign the ZIP Codes to the correct representative.  Make informed decisions to increase ROI.
Fine Tune Territory Assignments
Did you know that you can realign territories from a list of owned areas, rather than working from the map?  For example if you need to move two ZIP Codes from Henry’s territory to Susan’s territory, you could view a list of Henry’s ZIP Codes and select the ones to move to Susan.  Eliminate the need to find the two ZIP Codes on the map.  Use the information at hand and the quickest allocation method to fine tune your territories. Implement changes immediately to increase ROI.
Approach Change With Knowledge
See critical information for areas that you consider adding to your territories. Comprehend how change might benefit or hinder territory potential.  Fully understand how changing your territories will affect ROI.  Make every change one for the better.
Make Smart Choices
You are ready to start carving out territories for you sales representatives. How do you know where to start?  What areas should you choose first?  See information such as demographics, sales, or market opportunity, for each area before you select it to add to a territory.  Save time and make the first choice the right choice.  Create optimal territories to increase ROI.
Reach Your Full Market Potential
Figure out potential market values between locations. Colored contour lines show opportunity over the entire map.  This map shows potential for areas where you have data, and projects data values for areas in between.
Analyze Your Market Instantly
Use instant reports to learn all the most critical details about your market.
Optimize Sales Efficiency
Use the full screen map to perfectly align your territories and achieve maximum sales efficiency.

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