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Tactician One: Advanced Training for Sites Users

Course Overview

This course explores working with Tactician documents that are setup for use with Sites. Learn the tips and tricks that market analysts use to blunt their competitors and isolate their highest potential markets.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Find the distance between a site and each site component
  • Determine the closest competitor to each site
  • Create a database connection and query data
  • Import a file of site and trade area information
  • Explore combining and splitting site trade areas that overlap
  • Synchronize your Tactician One and Tactician Online projects

You Will Also Be Introduced To The Fundamentals Of:

  • The Tactician Dictionary
  • Working with your sites in Tactician Online

Recommended For:

  • Marketing Analysts
  • Real Estate Analysts
“The possibilities are endless. I enjoyed my time at training and can’t wait to start using this at work!”


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