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Tactician One: Advanced Training For Territory Users

Training Course Overview

This course explores working with Tactician documents that are setup for use with Territories. Learn the tips and tricks that sales management teams use to create and align territories and manage productive sales teams.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Find the distance between a sales territory base and each territory component
  • Determine the closest competitor to a location
  • Create a database connection and query data
  • Import a file of territory owner and component information
  • Analyze territories whose components are point locations. For example, the territory owners are the sales representatives, and their territories are comprised of hospitals.
  • Analyze different tiers of territories. For example, representative territories made up of ZIP Codes and regional territories made up of representative’s territories.
  • Optimize territories.
  • Synchronize your Tactician One and Tactician Online projects.

You Will Also Be Introduced To The Fundamentals Of:

  • The Tactician Dictionary
  • Working with your territories in Tactician Online

Recommended For:

  • Sales Force Managers
“What the training did was really uncover the power of Tactician. It helped me see that there may be other ways to balance territories for the sales reps given the amount of options.”

-Fortune 500 Media Company    

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