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Tactician Online: Mapping and Strategic Planning

Training Course Overview

This course is an introduction to using Tactician Online. Emphasis is on the use of Strategy Map, Tactician Online’s full screen map, that lets you manage all features of your analysis from the map window. In addition, we will cover getting your own data into Tactician Online, and using it on maps and in the DataDashboard.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Navigate in Strategy Map
  • Create, and edit sites and territories
  • Create trade areas and territory boundaries
  • Create market indicators and weighted indexes in the DataDashboard
  • Align territories
  • Import files of sites and territories
  • Upload data that you can use to color geographies on your Strategy Map
  • Upload locations and display a custom logo on each location

You Will Also Be Introduced To The Fundamentals Of:

  • Using the Project Manager
  • Using the Import Wizard

Recommended For:

  • Marketing Analysts
  • Real Estate Analysts
  • Sales Force Managers


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