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Tactician Modeling Solutions

Models provide insight for maximizing ROI and reducing risk.While nothing can beat the insight of the human brain, models exploit computing power to test millions of possibilities and apply advanced algorithms that equip marketers to make better decisions.Tactician One for the Desktop and Tactician Online are both designed to model spatial data to answer marketing questions such as:

  • What is the exact number of stores needed to maximize ROI in a given market?
  • Where should my distribution centers be placed to minimize cost and maximize service?
  • What is the ideal design for salesforce coverage that minimizes windshield time and balances workload?

Tactician One Desktop and Tactician Online support the following models:

Gravity Model

Tactician’s Gravity Model allocates consumer demand points in small geographical areas, to sites based on the relative gravitational attraction between site and demand point. It considers factors such as:

  • Relative attractiveness (mass) for each site, e.g. gross floor space or composite factors like age or parking.
  • Location of demand points (where buyers live)
  • Distance expressed in miles, KM or traveltime.

The output predicts the demand (sales volume) at a given retail site and shows where the demand is coming from within the trade area. The model can also predict the impact on other retail sites in a market when conditions change.

Tactician Territory Optimizer

Tactician Territory Optimizer minimizes travel time and balances workload (or any other factor) at the same time. The system provides options for creating new sales forces, modifying an existing sales force by adding reps and minimizing disruption. It can fix or float territory centers, individually weight the balances of territories, and partition large, complex optimizations into smaller pieces for fast and effective results.

The Tactician Territory Optimizer is ideal to minimize the costs of operating for sales forces or field service operations.

Other Modeling Capabilities in Tactician Desktop and Online Solutions:

In addition to the above pre-packaged models, Tactician’s rich range of market-oriented mathematical capabilities enable non-programmers to construct and apply a variety of modeling techniques, such as:

  • Analog models that search for “most like” markets.
  • Segmentation scoring and indexing to zero in on high value markets.
  • Classify & Rank that can seek good markets and deal with market aberrations or outliers.
  • Lookup functions can match common values between data sets.

Custom Models

Tactician One and Tactician Online are also ideal vehicles for the integration, development, application and distribution of custom modeling systems. Tactician is used worldwide as a vehicle for our distributors to deliver their own custom models in customized Retail, Territory and Media applications.

Tactician’s powerful desktop data engines and Online Data Dashboard facilitate the easy construction and incorporation of algorithms for model application.

Model Consulting

Tactician and its worldwide partners offer consulting services to apply, develop and distribute models that suit customer needs and solve specific customer requirements.



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