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Tactician One

Tactician One incorporates more than 25 years of experience building GIS mapping applications for many of the world’s largest and most demanding sale and marketing organizations with new open system architecture to provide unmatched ROI and value for executives, sales, marketing and GIS professionals.

Tactician One is the core geographic information system technology for all Tactician products and services. Tactician’s ability to seamlessly link desktop and web based solutions, provides your enterprise with unmatched collaboration and productivity. Tactician One can be used to power any of our desktop solutions or as a development platform for custom desktop or online systems that will transform your organization.


A Heritage of Success

Used by the world’s largest corporations to:

  • Deliver exceptional investment decision results
  • Maximize the performance and financial results of sales organizations
  • Improve corporate performance through more effective direct marketing campaign management

“Tactician has been providing us with the tools necessary to execute a global real estate strategy, helping us grow from a small retailer in Boston to the world’s largest office products company.”

– Staples

Key Platform Benefits

  • Integrated online / desktop capabilities
  • Speed to decision analysis
  • Sales and marketing intuitive user-friendly interfaces
  • Native analytic and modeling capabilities
  • Multi-dimensional data structure
  • Complete development environment, including COM
  • Microsoft compatible and VB scripting



“With just a short demonstration from our sales rep, I was able to start using the program right away! It is so easy to use and so efficient! I get what used to take hours – done – using the Tactician program in half an hour or less! This is an outstanding program!”

– Brain Balance Centers

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